[sam-ba-chra] blessed to be happy|happy to be blessed

About Us

Austin and Tanya Propst are the ELCA Young Adults in Global Missions (YAGM) Coordinators of Madagascar.  The program they coordinate is designed for ELCA young adults to provide a one-year service opportunity in leadership development, service, spiritual growth, global awareness and understanding.  The ELCA works closely with Malagasy churches, faith-based groups and non-governmental organizations to provide service opportunities for the volunteers.   They look forward to sharing in and seeing God’s abundant love at work in the world!


One thought on “About Us

  1. Neil Solvik on said:

    Hi and God bless you on this first day of September (Labor Day). I enjoyed the pictures of the new group going to the market and it looks like “the cream of the crop” is with you in Madagascar. I remember to pray for our YAGM every morning and I thank God for those who put the idea of YAGM program on paper and think it would be nice to be 20 years old again. Then I could go too.

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