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New Callings

Three years ago, we hit the ground running to grow and develop the ELCA’s vision of having a YAGM program in Madagascar.  What a blessing it has been to serve alongside the Malagasy Lutheran Church to foster a dream of volunteer service into a reality.  Coordinating this program has revealed to us so much of what God is up to in the world. The young adults we have had the privilege to lead and walk with, on their journey of accompaniment, has shown us the beautiful work within the Holy Spirits’ woven world.

We give thanks with great joy to you for y’alls support and love over the years.  For now, the time has come for us to seek new callings and want to let you know that we are ending our service as ELCA Country Coordinators.  But don’t you worry, the YAGM program will carry on in Madagascar with a new leader, Pastor Kirsten Laderach.

We Trust the Beautiful Promises Ahead

We Trust the Beautiful Promises Ahead

It’s been a privilege to serve with the ELCA Global Missions here in Madagascar, but sure feel good about handing off the YAGM program for its next stage of growth and development, and look forward to where God is leading us next.

And don’t you worry, our pup, Puba, will be making the next journey with us!


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One thought on “New Callings

  1. Surprising news but thanks for the update. Will miss hearing how things are going in your world. Wondering what your next adventure will be and if there will be culture shock. Glad to hear Puba will be going with you! Blessings.

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