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Mad YAGM Ate’s First Retreat

Our first retreat has come and gone, yet the stories will last a lifetime. We reflected about what the Spirit is up to in Madagascar, played in God’s beautiful creation, and worshiped together. Enjoy some silly clips with the YAGM Madagascar Ate’s:


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5 thoughts on “Mad YAGM Ate’s First Retreat

  1. Loved the video! Makes a great early Christmas present for the family back home!

  2. Tom Beyer on said:

    Wow!! So very cool! Thank you for the glimpse into this wonderful adventure. May God continue to bless your exploration and mission.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful glimpse into the world of the “Mad Ates”! It was good to see their wonderful faces!

  4. William Beyer on said:

    Molly’s Uncle Bill here. Strength to your purpose and work–it sure looks as if joy and fellowship are taking care of themselves.

  5. Love your videos.
    Makes me want to improve my imovie skills.

    Miss you two!!!

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