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Familiarity in a Foreign Land

Kelsey is making all kinds of cross cultural connections. Read her blog below to see the awesome familiarity she is discovering!

She Is on Her Way

Some days I really miss home. I miss convenience, reliable utilities and most of all I miss my friends and family. That thing about not really knowing how much people mean to you until they aren’t there has never been more true than it is now. My time in Madagascar up until this point has largely been about adapting to a new way of life and getting used to all of the differences that evade my understanding and are impossible to begin to describe. Time is an entirely different concept here and no one gives hugs. Communicating in broken Malagasy is one of the biggest differences and though I know the basics and have been blessed with many English speakers in my communities, communication is by far the biggest difference in my life. However, there are also similarities between life at home and life here. For instance, I’m convinced that…

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One thought on “Familiarity in a Foreign Land

  1. Kvamme on said:

    I am so inspired by your messages! Thanks!

    Mary (from Colorado)


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