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Happy Birthday Puba!

Today is Puba’s Birthday.  So, Puba turns 3(ish) today.  She is part of our family and brings us endless love and entertainment.  Enjoy a silly clip of her, as we get to enjoy her everyday!

We don’t really know how old she.  We don’t know where exactly she came from.  We don’t know who her parents, brothers and/or sisters are.  We don’t know much about her genes.  But we know that today, October 13, is the day we chose to celebrate Puba’s life!

Puba is our mix-breed street dog, who we rescued here in Madagascar.  Puba came into our lives in May 2012 and unofficially became ours in late June 2012 – once we actually had a place to live.  Having only been in Madagascar 4 months, with a place to call home 1 week, Puba was unexpected and joyously welcomed into our family. Puba called the streets of Antsirabe home for the first 10 or so months of her life.  She roamed and played and scrapped by for food.  Puba was about 9 kilos (almost 20 pounds) when we brought her home; today she is a happy 16.5 kilos (about 36 pounds).

Puba is beautiful, lazy, funny, alert, kind, spoiled, affectionate, silly, a barker, hunter, lover of walks, licker, chewer of bones, digger and lover of belly rubs.

Happy Birthday Puba!!!











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One thought on “Happy Birthday Puba!

  1. Christine Rotella on said:

    I remember meeting her with others from the SWPA and WV and WMaryland group. She was most hospitable, very Malagasy in that way!

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