[sam-ba-chra] blessed to be happy|happy to be blessed

Thank You!

A shout-out to all our wonderful sponsors!  We were blessed during our Home Assignment with Global Missions to have the opportunity to visit with many of you.  We give thanks and praise for your love, support, and prayers for us.  We are excited to continue our journey together during this YAGM year!

A big thanks too:

1. Lutheran Church of the Cross, Berkeley CA

2. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Los Alamos, NM

3.  Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Broomfield, CO

4. Grace and Peace Lutheran Church, Peoria, IL

5. Trinity Lutheran Church, Golden, IL

6. Epiphany Lutheran Church, Carbondale, IL

7. St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gilman, IL

8.  Lutheran Church of the Cross, Metroplis, IL

9. Zion Lutheran Church, Monticello, IA

10. Dr. Ralph W. Quere, Professor at Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque IA

11. St. John Lutheran Church, Marion, WI

12. Zion Lutheran Church, Harmony, PA

13. St. James Lutheran Church, Concord, NC

14. Lutheran Church of the Nativity, Arden NC

15. Donald R. Poole, Horse Shoe NC

16. Epiphany Lutheran Church, Denver CO

17. Trinity Lutheran Church, Boulder, CO

18. Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, Quincy, IL

19. St. John’s Lutheran Church, Beaufort, SC

20. Greg Williams, Hendersonville, NC

21. Trinity Lutheran Church, Latrobe, PA

22. Peace Lutheran Church, Greenock PA

23. Grace Lutheran Church, Boulder, CO

24. Bethel Lutheran Church, Danville, IL

25. St. John’s Lutheran Church, Saint Donatus, IA

26. Salem Lutheran Church, Peoria, IL

27. Lanny D. Westphal, ELCA Missionary Support, Chicago IL


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One thought on “Thank You!

  1. Greg Williams on said:

    Austin, please list the sponsorship as Greg & Brenda Williams. Thanks! God’s blessings & peace be with you both! Greg <

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