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Weather Update!

Because everyone loves to talk about the weather!

As the First Day of Summer quickly approaches in the Northern Hemisphere (June 21); us folks down here in the Southern ‘sphere are settling into winter.  Since we live in Africa it is often hard to imagine what “winter weather” might entail for us.

During the past week our nights are in the upper 40’s Fahrenheit (in Celsius that is between 8 and 4 degrees).  Our days, when sunny, are in the mid 70’s Fahrenheit (26 – 21 degrees Celsius).  But a cloudy day can stay in the 60’s (F) all day.  With no indoor heating here in Madagascar, this makes homes quite chilly to be inside of.  So needless to say we are settling into our winter months and enjoying a break from the heat.

Happy Friday the 13th with a Full Moon (only happens once every 20 years or so!).  Make sure you go check it out tonight!

Lots of peace, love and soup eating,  Tanya


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