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Election: Friday Oct 25, 2013

This Friday marks the day of presidential voting here in Madagascar.  The Malagasy have been waiting for many years, persevered through tough political times since 2009, and now we are hopeful to see a democratic transition of power.  We lift the Malagasy in peaceful prayer as they head for the polls!


Antananarivo — A total of 33 candidates will participate in the first round on October 25, and if no candidate secures half of the votes, only two tops will contest in the second round on December 20.

“The electoral cards for voters were already printed after the issue of definitive electoral roll on October 9 and have been distributed since October 10,” the CENIT president said.

Voting materials, including single ballots, already arrived at the 119 districts and will join the polling stations on Oct. 23, Atallah Beatrice said.

“Election officials will soon complete their training,” Atallah Beatrice added.

According to Atallah, more than 4 500 national observers and 500 to 700 international observers, most of whom are already in Madagascar, will monitor the elections.

Strategies to collect the votes are ready so that the CENIT can announce the preliminary results no later than 10 days after the polling date.

The CENIT will use helicopters, cars and motorcycles to collect as quickly as possible the results. To ensure that the risk of electoral fraud for this time will be less, all the ballots used in the election are each unique and traceable by its serial number and other brands, Atallah said.

The CENIT works with the armed forces to insure the safety of polling stations, observers and the electoral materials.


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2 thoughts on “Election: Friday Oct 25, 2013

  1. Brian/Emily Propst on said:

    1. Do you get to vote? 2. Are there write-ins? 3. Send a salami… 4. Can I vote for the DJ?


  2. 1. No, sir. 2. I don’t think so, but there are already 30+ candidates. 3. …to your boy in the Army. 4. Sorry, no, he was boosted from the election.

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