[sam-ba-chra] blessed to be happy|happy to be blessed

Follow the Mad YAGM 7-Ups!

Karis in Fianarnatsoa:

Molly in Fianarnatsoa:

Anndi in Fort Dauphin:

Ian in Toliara:

Anna in Manakara:

Tom in Fort Dauphin:

Zach in Mahajanga:

These links are alway on our scroll bar, too →


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One thought on “Follow the Mad YAGM 7-Ups!

  1. Ron Baesler on said:

    Austin and Tanya: I have volunteered to teach for 3 months at SALT in Fianarantsoa beginning in January. I’m in the process of getting my visa and wondered if you have any advice. ( responses from both DGM and SALT have been slooooow!) I will be living in the apartment where Jane Gingrich stayed. She and my daughter were great friends back when her dad and I were doing graduate work. Its a small world!Look forward to hearing from you. Ron Baesler

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