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Meet our new Mad YAGM’s!

Anndi Russell

Anndi Russell

Hi! My name is Anndi Russell, and I’m from Worthington, Minnesota. I recently graduated from Luther College with a degree in biology. I loved school, but I am excited to move onto this next adventure! I am so happy to have the opportunity to participate in the YAGM program, and I hope it is a time of personal and spiritual growth for me and for those I will be living with in the beautiful country of Madagascar. I love meeting new people, playing outside, and hanging out with kids, and couldn’t be more excited to do all of that in this new setting. I am confident that the Holy Spirit is blessing this opportunity, and I’m ready to see what this year has in store for all of us YAGMs!

Anna Guthrie

Anna Guthrie

My name is Anna Guthrie.  I am 25 years old, and I am from a small town called East Wenatchee in Washington State.  I love to go home and visit my family- my mom, my dad, my little sister, and my dog.  I currently live in Seattle, Washington and will soon be graduating from the University of Washington.  I am studying European Studies and Swedish.  I currently work as a nanny, caring for 2 boys and a girl.

I love to meet new people, explore new places, and go on adventures!  In the past, I have also lived in Hawaii, Sweden, and New Zealand, and have visited Japan, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, practicing yoga, going on hikes, and hanging out and laughing with my friends.  In the summer I love to swim, and in the winter I like to ski and snowboard. When I get the chance, I like to skydive and bungy jump! At the moment, I am also trying to learn to play the guitar.

I am thrilled to be a part of the YAGM program and community.  I am excited to learn about the Malagasy culture and people, and the Malagasy language.  I can’t wait to make new friends.  I know I will grow tremendously and learn a lot about myself during my time in Madagascar and I hope that my new experiences in Madagascar might help me discover where God is calling me to serve and be in my future.

Molly Erikson

Molly Erikson

Hello! My name is Molly Erikson and I am from Omaha, Nebraska in the United States. I’d like to share a little about myself although I think meeting me will be the best way to get to know me better. I am very excited to meet you! My favorite color is pink and I am a huge fan of Chinese food. I am currently involved in youth ministries at my Church. I am a people person so it brings me a lot of joy to work with the children and teens. Another one of my passions is music. I enjoy singing, playing my flute, as well as my guitar. One of the things that I am most excited for is joining a Malagasy choir! If there is anything else you’d like to know about me just ask, I’ll be happy to share! I cannot wait to see what God has planned for the next year!

Tom Heinz

Tom Heinz

Hi, my name is Thomas Heinz, and I live in Platteville, Wisconsin.  I just graduated in May after having studied history at the University of Wisconsin in Platteville.  Over the past year of college, I have had two roads I could have traveled;  one would take me to graduate school, and inevitably to the service of myself and my goals in pursuing a career with a History Degree, and the other would be in the service of others, which the YAGM program has offered me, and I have accepted.  But YAGM not only offers me a chance to serve; it also offers me the opportunity to live in a world that is quite different than my own and to experience a lifestyle and a culture that I would not otherwise be able to experience.  Besides that, my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is whatever I can get a hold of when I am extremely hungry, and my favorite sport is mixed martial arts or hockey.

Karis Ailabouni

Karis Ailabouni

Hello! My name is Karis Ailabouni and I am from Chicago, IL. I recently graduated from Valparaiso University where I studied violin performance, psychology, and French. Although I am still sorting out what exactly I want to do professionally, I have always had a passion for travel and cultural immersion that I simply can’t ignore. I am blessed to have already traveled to Israel/Palestine and China, and also to have lived in Paris, France, which have been defining experiences in my life. I am so excited to now to have this opportunity to experience and learn from the Malagasy way of life and use my gifts to serve the community there!

Zach Stewart

Zach Stewart

My name is Zachary Stewart, but a lot of people call me Zach (or Stew), and I cannot wait to be in Madagascar!  I am from Columbus, Ohio and I currently work for a bank.  I have five older brothers and sisters spread all throughout the country.  In my spare time, I like to stay active.  I love anything involving water, as well as basketball, American football, soccer, hiking, anything really!  My favorite sports teams are all from Indiana, because that is where I grew up.  I also like all kinds of food, anything from a hamburger to broccoli.  Music is something I can’t live without, especially when I get the chance to learn a dance!  I am also into photography.  I like being able to capture moments, and I hope to capture a lot of moments that way in Madagascar.  I am ready for Madagascar, and all the wonderful things that are in store for me as I live my year, hopefully, as a Malagasy.

Ian Stitt

Ian Stitt

Hello, I am Ian and I am a 21 yr old from Golden, Colorado.  I just graduated from a small liberal arts school in St. Peter, Minnesota called Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Psychological Science.  I have a wonderful family that has supported me throughout my life and a wonderful dog named Wilson.  I have a huge passion for travel and for psychology.  I have traveled to many different countries and this only strengthens my desire to come to Madagascar because I have indeed caught the travel bug.  I chose to do the YAGM program because I thought it meshed well with what I wanted to do post graduation, which was dedicate myself to helping others.  I enjoy snowboarding, longboarding, and attending Rockies games with my family (the local baseball team).  I have a philosophy of enjoying life, which means that I am almost willing to do anything.  I am currently spending the summer working at a summer camp in the mountains of Colorado.  This summer has given me the amazing ability to explore some talents I did not know I had.  I hope that this very short introduction finds you well and I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful continent.

Peace be their Journey as they embark on the 2013-14 YAGM year!


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6 thoughts on “Meet our new Mad YAGM’s!

  1. Thanks for the introductions. Inspiring to be reminded that there are young adults willing to dedicate an extended time to the service of others.

  2. Good luck to all of you! The experience of a lifetime, adventures and incredible relationships await!!

    • Anna Guthrie on said:

      Thanks for the shout-out, Megan! Yeah, we eastern Washingtonian do pretty cool things. 🙂 Is there a way to follow your journey in Indonesia (a blog or newsletters)?

  3. deacmegmeg on said:

    Hello to Anna from East Wenatchee! I’m Megan, a GM2 missionary currently teaching English in Indonesia, and a fellow eastern Washingtonian (from Richland) who transplanted to Seattle. Blessings for your journey in Madagascar!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Jerry and Wanda enjoyed meeting you guys and pray for this ministry daily. Your leadership by Austin and Tanya will be the greatest. God Bless.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    And now 7 more. “And God added to their numbers, daily.” Acts 2:42 You even have a hockey player. Is he a Packer fan too? (God would like that!)

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