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A Final Retreat

We give thanks for a year of service of the first trailblazing group of YAGM volunteers here in Madagascar.  What a humble gift it has been for us to walk with these six young adults.  The Spirit was with them as they deepened their faith while accompanying the Malagasy.  We give God thanks for Jane, Lee, Hannah, Luke, Kate, and Sarah.  They are true brothers and sisters in Christ!  Seek them out when possible,  give them a hug, and listen to the stories that God will tell through them.

Here’s a short video from our Final Retreat on the East Coast: 

Peace be you journey, WaferHerd!



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4 thoughts on “A Final Retreat

  1. Love it! Nice pre-photo at the end!

  2. WaferHead! Hahaha.

    What a fun video! Thanks for sharing!

    I vote for a skype date soon! I miss you two!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I first thought of how hard it must be to get to know and love those people and then say good-bye. But then I thought of how the 4 of us keep in touch both in our hearts and prayers and how it works out to see each other every chance we get. Love you both, Jerry and Wanda

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Hey. Summer’s over and I’m catching up with some things including your life in Madagascar. Great work in year one of forming community and empowering the staff. You have now influenced 6 in a powerful way. While we have just finished working with our 19th staff, we remember fondly our first. It’s a special group.

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