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Arahabaina Tratry ny Fetim-Pirenena!

Celebrating Madagascar and American Independence Day!

Celebrating Madagascar and US American Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day from Madagascar!  We are blessed each year to celebrate US and Mada Independence in the same week.  Here in Madagascar the day is June 26th and of course in the States our day is July 4th.  It’s exciting to share in the festivities where much is alike: picnics, fireworks,  friends, and spending time outside!

Playing with lights on Mada Independence Day

Playing with lights on Mada Independence Day

We give God thanks for God’s most wonderful freedom; Grace.  Enjoy the freedoms you have.  Enjoy family and friends.  And give thanks for the Journey!



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4 thoughts on “Arahabaina Tratry ny Fetim-Pirenena!

  1. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    A wonderful message of our joint celebration of our freedom through God’s grace through Jesus Christ. Jerry and Wanda

  2. Anonymous on said:

    …and your Mother wants to know how you took this photograph to get all the letters in. Did Jeff and Ann Marie and Tanya each make a letter with you and you put photos into one or ???? Great post!! God Bless the world and all creation!!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    OK, I’m curious in Chicago to know how you did the cool lights to spell YAGM!

    • Pretty neat!? Our friends had a nice camera that let us adjust the shutter speed. With a slow shutter speed a person had about 15 seconds to draw anything they wanted. Fun times!

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