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Mad YAGM March Retreat

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The Madagascar YAGM crew went on retreat to Andringitra National Park.  Our week together was full of relaxation in God’s creation.  What a gift we have been given to spend time in the wilderness of Madagascar to explore what the Holy Spirit might be up to in this world as we walk with the Malagasy.  Smiles and song, swimming and hiking, worship and play, food and games, and loads of laughter, made for an amazing time together!  We continue to be blessed as we mark the half-way point with this YAGM crew.  Enjoy a few captures of our week together.

Peace, Austin and Tanya


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6 thoughts on “Mad YAGM March Retreat

  1. Tim C-K on said:

    Awesome photos! Beautiful park. Liked seeing the camp (of course). But, the coolest was the pics of worship and Pastor Austin sharing the bread.

  2. Thanks PT. It’s been a humbling experinence to break bread with these Young Adults. Even baked that bread myself. See you soon!

  3. Brian Propst on said:

    Great slideshow!

  4. Kathy Griewisch on said:

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Unbelievable beauty and wonderful to see your faces.

  5. Elizaabeth Kearney on said:

    Thanks for the amazing glimpse of Madagascar. I’m glad it’s turned into such a wonderful adventure.

  6. THE PICTURES ARE AWESOME!!! Seriously! Love them all!

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