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Saint Hasina

In John chapter 14 Jesus speaks to us about God the Father sending us an Advocate.  Jesus offers this as a bit of holy peace just before he is resurrected back to the Father.  The Advocate that Jesus speaks of is the promise of the Holy Spirit.  And so by God the Father, through Christ, we are given the Holy Spirit; the Advocate, the One Called Upon, the Comforter, the Helper.  What a gift of peace and assurance that our Creator God has graced us with.  For me, the Advocate, this Wonderful Counselor comes in many forms; a smile, through a hug, in worship, a walk in the woods, and most recently through a friend here in Madagascar.

As I continue to reflect on this past year, I am reminded how great our God is, and how truly God’s grace shines through those that God places on our path.  Our friend Hasina (along with Sthela) was the one who greeted us as soon as we set foot here, the one that showed us around, took us to every place we needed to go in our first months.  Hasina showed us the good places to grab a bite to eat, buy groceries, print pictures, get an oil change, etc.  Hasina is our travel advisor, security advisor, mechanic, and most importantly, friend.  I give God thanks for Hasina as I am convinced our God has given Tanya and I and the Mad YAGM program an Advocate; one to call upon if in need, someone to comfort, a person to help, and a counselor to guide. The Holy Spirit shines through all that is Hasina.  God works through him, blesses us with his humility and grace.  Hasina’s light shines bright and teaches me more about what God is up to in God’s world.

This past week when our car broke down hundreds of miles from home, it was Hasina who came to the rescue.  When our clutch needed to be fixed, it was Hasina.  When our breaks went out, it was Hasina.  When we needed new windshield wipers, it was Hasina.  When we needed a smile on the other end of so much car trouble, it was Hasina.  When I needed to be reminded that we are not in control, but that the Advocate is here walking with us, it was Hasina who walked beside me to remind me of God’s grace.

As we begin our Lenten journey this week, I am at peace knowing the Advocate walks with me and all God’s creation.  Blessings on your walk.


Hasina and the Mad YAGM crew

Hasina and the Mad YAGM crew


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2 thoughts on “Saint Hasina

  1. Alright Hasina! So glad you guys all have each other! High fives all around. Much love.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Austin and Tonya,

    Thanks for sharing this great story about Hasina! What a wonderful answer from God through Hasina when prayers went up for direction, understanding. I know that you, Tonya and all of the other “mad” crew has been as much of a blessing in his life as he has in yours.

    Be safe – God’s peace to all of you!!!

    It’s all Grace,

    Uncle Kenny

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