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An educated water drinker

I could quote a million facts from international health organizations and water projects around the world.  Facts such as how much of our world lacks clean drinking water, and the effects the lack of clean water has on peoples health and livelihood; research is research, and I won’t bore you with the facts.  Instead let me tell you about the reality of our water right here in Madagascar.

Bushproof, water filter, filled with our tap water

Bushproof water filter with our tap water.

Austin and I live in a city of nearly two million people.  A city with restaurants, high speed internet, an international airport, markets, shopping malls, music, fancy cars, a bus system, tourists, and the list could go on. Most importantly, we are granted with the privilege of running water right from the tap in our house.   Many of our neighbors, even in the city, do not have this ease.  Not often, but occasionally our water is shut off for unexplained reasons and on those days we have to remind ourselves to be grateful for our water because water truly is precious.

Looking down into the water bucket, the filter part is the cylinder in the middle.

Looking down into the water bucket, the filter part is the cylinder in the middle.

For us, the difficulty of understanding that we cannot drink the water from the tap, because it will make us sick, is still mind boggling today.  The learning curve we faced was how to make our water clean enough to drink for our bodies (water here does not go through filtration systems quite like it does in US American households).  Boiling water is the easiest and most common solution; and how Austin and I got clean drinkable water the first several months we lived here (Austin and I are serious water drinkers, it was a constant boil at our home to keep enough water chilled and ready for drinking!).

Once the water goes through the filter it comes out clean!

Once the water goes through the filter it comes out clean!

After a bit of research, we stumbled upon Bushproof (  Bushproof is an organization that specializes in effective, affordable clean drinking water.  Bushproof works in making water filters, pumps and wells for low-income communities,  to provide people with access to safe clean water.  Throughout the past several months you could say our water filter has become our most prized possession.  Austin and I are so thankful for the simplicity of a water filter, for the gifts enabling us to buy one, and for the taste of delicious clean water.

Austin drinking our crystal clear yummy water!

Austin drinking our crystal clear yummy water. Cheers!

Water is something we think about everyday: “Did you clean the filter?”  “Oops the filter is empty again, time to fill up the bucket.”  “Did you bring any water with us?”   “Do we have water stored?”   “Where is the clean water to wash the vegetables?”  Water.  It is used in so many of our daily activities without us even thinking about it.  Until water becomes unavailable, or makes us sick if we drink it, we rarely take                                                                    notice of its greatness and our constant usage.

Much Peace, Tanya


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4 thoughts on “An educated water drinker

  1. Phyllis on said:

    Is there a need for other people in Madagascar to have this water filter. Could I help purchase this? Hoping to hear from you./ Love, Aunt Phyllis

  2. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    It is so terrible that we take so many blessings for granted. Aunt Phylis asked what the filters cost. Is there an organized effort through your ministry so the money goes for those in need? It would seem that just buying one filter would help a family survive. We love you both, Jerry and Wanda

  3. You guys should write the company/ organization that makes the filters and share this blog post with them! All kinds of people, living all kinds of places, using their product. I think they’d love it. Proud of you guys!!!

  4. Hey Folks, to give the gift of water, I would contact Bushproof directly and let them know what you are seeking. Their website says to email: about giving. You can read about it here:

    Y’all are great and we love you dearly! -Austin

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