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Be Still on Retreat

Advent.  A time of waiting, pausing, trusting, and hope.  I have lots to reflect upon and give thanks for after spending a week on retreat with the Mad YAGMs.  What a humbling experience it is to be a part of such an amazing group.  Seems like just yesterday God brought us together here in Madagascar, but it’s been three months that the Young Adults have been here.  What a journey it’s been; a journey of new language and communities, a journey of light and dark, of learning and teaching, of humility and strength, and a journey of God seeking new ways to reveal the Holy Spirit to us, and most recently in the form of retreat.  Spending a week in community walking with one another proved to be a time of mutual reflection, sharing, listening, and of course play in God’s amazing creation.   I am humble to walk with the Madagascar Young Adults in Global Mission.   Humbled to learn about what God is up to in the world.  Humbled to be a pastor.  Humbled to reflect. Some ponderings to share from your’s truly, the Mad YAGMs, as we all wait, pause, trust, and hope:

“I am choosing not to be overwhelmed by the needs of this world but rather to act out of humble compassion in the lives of those around me. How different the world would be if we could each wake up every morning and remind ourselves to “‘do justly….love mercy…..and walk humbly’.”  -Hannah

“Androany tsy vazah aho fa vavi Malagasy [Today I am not a white foreigner but I am a Malagasy woman].” -Sarah

“It’s been a time filled with experiences that seem to get more and more random, a time filled with mountain-top highs and soul-crushing depths, and a time filled with jaw-dropping awe.”  -Luke

“Truth; truth is buying plenty of food  in a western style grocery store to walk out to a child begging.” -Jane

“I continue to learn the incredible power of getting up, going out, and interacting.  The positive communication reminds me of ever grateful progress towards many many things.  The struggles remind me that I DO need to get up, get out, and continue to interact.  I pray to never get complacent with the relationships I have; from my mother, to the lady selling friend bananas I pass every day.”  -Lee

“May I help you?”  -Kate


|And some pictures from our Thanksgiving Retreat to Mananara Nord|


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4 thoughts on “Be Still on Retreat

  1. Megan Mmapula on said:

    Lookin’ good, Kids! I gotta tell you, that looks like an incredible holiday and retreat. Glad you had such a good time. Lots of love from AUSTIN!

  2. Love from AUSTIN is always good!

  3. “Truth is buying plenty of food in a western style grocery store to walk out to a child begging.” Really makes you think. Good point Jane. BTW, does the Mananara Nord Airstrip have a Subway?

  4. Nah, just a Chick-Fil-A.

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