[sam-ba-chra] blessed to be happy|happy to be blessed

6 Volunteers + 3 Weeks + Lots of Rice = Being Blessed

We returned from visiting the Mad YAGM volunteers.  We were blessed to see and experience what God is up to in their lives and communities.  The Spirit is busy in the communities that the YAGMs now call home.  It is hard to express how thankful we are for the host families, site supervisors, and friends for opening their arms, taking in, supporting and guiding the 6 YAGMs as they learn about the Malagasy fomba, way of life.  We are blessed with 6 amazing leaders who are discovering a new place within God’s Kingdom.

-Tanya & Austin


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5 thoughts on “6 Volunteers + 3 Weeks + Lots of Rice = Being Blessed

  1. Kathy Griewisch on said:

    Nice to get a glimpse of each Mad YAGM. I’m sure it was a fun adventure visiting each of them. We continue to pray for you both as well as all the YAGM’s throughout the world. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for sharing! (I like the close-up with the lizard 🙂

  3. Tim C-K on said:

    It’s awesome to YAGM grow like a tree in Madagascar. First a vision, then Austin and Tanya and now 6 active branches growing and spreading God’s love. Such fruit of The Spirit!

  4. Love the pictures!!!! Miss you both!

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