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Wildlife Adventures

A friend came to see us…


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6 thoughts on “Wildlife Adventures

  1. phyllis moysan on said:

    Hi. Is that a gecko? Phyllis

  2. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    Wish we were there. Hoping to win Lotto.

  3. Kathy Griewisch on said:

    Austin and Tanya, I have a question about packages. Is it better to send one large one or several shoe box size boxes? Also is it better to send a package for Kate to you or try and send it directly to her? Sorry for sending this on your blog but I don’t have your email. Continued blessings on your work. Kathy Griewisch

  4. Ken Taylor on said:

    hey buddy! what is your physical address?
    hope you are well. peace. ken

    • Howdy, Ken! Are you coming to visit!? Or you trying to find us on Google Earth? I can send you a link with our house highlighted as our physical address is not helpful in finding us in these parts.

      Hope all is well, brother

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