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Slowing Down

Buses chugging along, zebu pull carts clacking forward, planting rice, whistles, dust blowing, planning our days, what is next…

Ahhh, we rest.  Take in the peace.  Breath.

A child in the market reminded me the other day to take in the peace.  To play.  With all the hustle and bustle in life, this beautiful child took me to a place of stillness.  Even though around us there were hundreds of busy sellers and buyers at the Malagasy Market, this young girl and her old rubber band, reminded me to breath in the Peace the passes all understanding.  Ahhh.  Slow down…play with a child, smile, dare to truly stop and smell the flowers, hear the wind play with the trees, let the sun kiss your face, take a nap…breath.


Meeting a new friend at a market in Anstirabe


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13 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Liz Propst on said:

    I think I need to send you a pack of silly bands for times like this!!

  2. Megan Lineberger on said:

    Thanks for the reminder, Austin. Sometimes we forget to slow down and play. Peace be with you and Tanya.
    -Megan Lineberger Homesley

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I like your post. Miss you two.

  4. Charlene on said:

    Miss you two.

    • Debbie McGinnis on said:

      I wonder of God sent you this little girl for you reminder because this littl friend has the same big brown eyes that little Nola has. She got your attention, and your heart. I am reminded of this past Sunday’s lesson and Jesus reminding us of the faith and teaching of a child.
      I know that you and Tanya are doing a wonderful job!
      Take care… Debbie McG

  5. LOVE IT! She is beautiful. Your puppy looks sweet in the background too!

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