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We Walk & Talk

“What are you discussing as you walk along?”  Jesus asked this of a couple disciples walking to Emmaus.  I like thinking about the image of Jesus walking, talking, and wandering with us.  It is wonderful to think of a God that comes to simply be withus.  True to this day, God comes to us all offering God’s Word though and in one another.  The Spirit reminds us that in our faith we know Jesus continues to walk with all God’s people.  He works through us in the words spoken to a loved one, a new friend, a teacher, doctor, at the grocery store check-out, the market, and for us here in Madagascar, Jesus speaks to us through the Malagasy people.

The Mad YAGM Volunteers on their first day of language school

I have been blessed this week to spend time with the Trailblazing Blazing Mad YAGM Volunteers as they began their language study. I am reminded that one of the first steps in walking with people, in accompanying, is to share and listen to each other’s story.  Here in Madagascar that begins with a simple greeting; “Salama Tompoko.”  So as the YAGM crew begins their journey, their humble walk, I believe we are all reminded in some way of Jesus’s walk with us.  A walk that brings us to the Cross of grace, and where we witnesses Jesus’ radical love for all, no matter what language is spoken.

The YAGM language teachers, Jacky & Henry!

There is a trust that Jesus is with us on our path, no matter where the Spirit leads us.  Just as the risen Christ walked, and talked, with the disciples, so too is Jesus still walking with us through one another.  Here in Madagascar we trust our faith that learning a simple salama tompoko truly is Jesus’s Word of mercy within us.




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2 thoughts on “We Walk & Talk

  1. Road to Emmaus I think maybe my favorite New Testament story – it was the one that I had at my ordination too – it is an all around great story!

    YAY for YAGM volunteers arriving. Enjoy!!!

    Holding you all in prayer!

  2. Just shared my first communion this past Sunday. Breaking bread, it’s where it’s at! Love the walk to Emmaus.

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