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Home at last, Home at last!

Ambohitrarahaba!  The first person to say it 3 times fast wins!  This is the name of our village, on the outskirts of Antananarivo.  We live in a wonderfully mixed community with Malagasy, German, French, Chinese neighbors plus many more from around the world & now US American’s!   We found a perfect little house (YAGM headquarters!) and it is beginning to feel like home.

Drum roll…..our mailing address is:  BP 880 Isoraka 101, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Our new home in Madagascar!

PS.  Check out our awesome new dog, Puba!

Puba! Born and raised on the Malagasy streets.


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11 thoughts on “Home at last, Home at last!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Welcome home! We will prepare Snail Mail with info of person who wants to serve but has another year of college. We love you, Jerry and Wanda

  2. Man; a dog and a new roof! Look for Ursula’s letter at the old address. I am afraid she mailed it on Piatok, and it shall get there by Streda, if we can pay you on Pondelok. Peace be upon your home. Take it easy Love Jeremy, Miriam & Ursula

  3. Edith Propst on said:

    So glad to see you, your new place, and the dog! Love, Aunt E

  4. Thanks for the letters to us & staff. Your new home looks GREAT! Congrats on the dog. What does Puba mean?

  5. Anonymous on said:

    If you get a dog, then your really do live there! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Debbie McGinnis on said:

    I know that you are glad to have a place to call home. Cute house! Enjoy the blessings! Does Puba understand English? You can teach him to be bilingual…yeh?
    Debbie Mc

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