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Music to your ears

We wrapped up our language studies with a small taste of Malagasy music and dancing.   Here is a small preview of us and other language students learning traditional Malagasy dance!


We’ve learned it is not uncommon for a congregation to share their gift of song with visitors.  We have been blessed many times with such beautiful singing.  Enjoy this (rough) video from a Lutheran Church outside of Antsirabe we attended…click this link -> Worship Music

Enjoy the tunes!

-Austin & Tanya




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8 thoughts on “Music to your ears

  1. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    Dancing-Tanya A, Austin A for effort. Jerry and Wanda

  2. Ann-Marie on said:

    Loving the blog guys! Good job keeping up posted! We miss you guys and have been thinking tons about you…we were wondering…do you guys want some visitors next summer?? We are thinking about coming to visit y’all instead of India…how ’bout it? Madagascar and the Seychelles?!?! next July….let’s make it happen!

  3. Thanks for high grades Jerry and Wanda!!

    Hey Ann Marie! Yes, bring it to Madagascar! We are on the coast and it is beautiful. We would love to host y’all…and travel to new and exciting places, too. Let’s get our planning on, for sure.

    • Ann-Marie on said:

      ooooh! we are so excited! (and very serious about this.) next summer it’s on. plan is denmark to paris, paris to madagascar, madagascar to seychelles, then fly home….

      also, tanya, this video reminds us of our orientation cabin dance…how fun! A-M

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dancing Austin and Wonton!!! You guys have some sweet moves for sure. I LOVE that you posted video of y’all dancing. This is amazing to say the least! Hope all is well with you both! Holding y’all in prayer and love! Can’t wait to read more adventures.

    Wonton… have you read the Hunger Games yet? If you not you should!!!

  5. Megan Mmapula on said:

    Amazing. GABOTSE! You guys are troopers and there’s something to be said for all your enthusiasm!
    Since you came to Austin… I think it’s only fitting that I go to Madagascar. A little Propst time? I think so. Keep on keepin’ on!
    Miss and love you guys… Megan

  6. Keep up the posting! I am loving seeing all that you are up to and learning. I have been using Madagascar as my reference for children around the world. So far have looked at water supply and child labor. Praying for your work there!

  7. Lauren Carlson on said:

    We just watched this with Henry and he was jammin’ with you! When if was over he kept saying, “More! More!” Hehe…we all miss you and love keeping up through this blog!!

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