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Mianatra teny Malagasy, izahay

Our wonderful Malagasy teacher, Henry.

Tanya and I have been in Malagasy language class for three weeks.  We have had a fantastic mpampianatra (teacher), whom we are mihitsi (very) thankful for.  Things are going well and he assures us that if we keep up our mazoto (diligent) study we will be speaking Malagasy perfectly.   In his words, “when you come to Madagascar you must turn your head around…and then you will learn Malagasy!”
Education in Madagascar you ask…

School Bus? Most kids walk to school or get a ride in a Pousse Pousse!

The school system resembles a colonized African education of primary and secondary schools.  Primary is for children ages six to eleven and secondary for kids twelve to eighteen, for a total of 12 years.  The primary school completion rate is 58% and UNICEF states the literacy rate for youth (15-24) is about 65%!  (As in many cournties of the majoirty world, it is hard to get exact numbers)  As it might be assumed, education is a continual struggle for many in Madagascar, though there is a drive among the youth that is inspirational.  It is always interesting when we find ourselves with young adults who desire to speak English,  while we desire to speak Malagasy!!

We continue sambatra, here in Madagascar.
Everyday is an adventure!

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3 thoughts on “Mianatra teny Malagasy, izahay

  1. Lauren Carlson on said:

    Your teacher’s name is Henry….awesome! 🙂

  2. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    You two are mpampianatra!

  3. Annah Lord on said:

    Love hearing (reading) about your adventures! I’m living vicariously through you – so if you feel something funny, that’s me. Living vicariously. Through you. Malagasy looks to be verrrry foreign. I’m impressed with your progress!

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