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Language 101

Welcome! Just behind me on the 2nd floor, is our apartment for our month long stay in Antsirabe.

Sunday morning at a local Lutheran church. Almost 500 people attended worship!

For the past two weeks Austin and I have been diligently studying the Malagasy language and culture.  We are here in Antsirabe [3 hours south of Tana] at a Lutheran language school.  We have class 4 hours each day, just the two of us, with a wonderful Malagasy teacher.


We attended a Lutheran Church about a 30 minute walk from where we are staying.  The service was a traditional Lutheran liturgy; we were able to  follow along with the order of worship and many of the songs.  From our language classes we even understood a few words and phrases.



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4 thoughts on “Language 101

  1. Jerry and Wanda on said:

    Didn’t realize you weren’t where your call is yet. Things look very modern there. Love you guys. Jerry and Wanda

  2. Tanya and Austin,
    You are living a dream that I have always had, to live abroad and share the good news of Jesus Christ! How blessed you are!!! Enjoy each day and good luck with language class.
    Much love and God’s grace,
    +Debbie McG

  3. Uncle Kenny on said:

    Thank you! Stay safe!

  4. This is so cool: to be able to keep up with you. Best wishes, Helen Summers

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