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Antananarivo = Tana

Not Hollywood...Antananarivo!

Tana, a city of one million people,who are a beautiful mix of African, Middle Eastern, and Indonesian.  We have met wonderful new friends, enjoyed delicious food (rice!) and learned to walk amongst throngs of people buying and selling goods.  Adjusting to the time change took a few days (sleeping in the middle of the afternoon did not help), but we successfully managed to greet others in Malagasy, go to the bank, mail some letters, and go out to eat on our own.  We have also discovered the chocolate shop and glasy (ice cream!).

Austin and Pastor Haja (nice lookin' fellas)

The past week in Tana, we also visited two of the potiental site placements for the ELCA volunteers.  Pastor Haja creates numerous opportunities for the youth of his community.

Tanya, Helen, and Sthela at the ILOFAV Women's Center

The second site we visited is a women’s training center.  Helen created the program as well as studied at Wartburg Seminary in Iowa! and is a theologian here in Madagascar.

Attending Lutheran worship at our friend Sthela's church

Most importantly we must introduce Sthela.  She is our liaison between the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM) and the ELCA.  She has been a wonderful guide, teacher, friend, encourager, and a smile each day!  She has taught us about the Malagasy culture, food, language, as well as enabled us to do our job smoothly.  We attended church with her on Sunday morning (6am worship!) and enjoyed very much a Lutheran liturgy and familiar tunes to songs.

Next to come…Anstirabe and Language school.  Veloma!

– Austin and Tanya


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6 thoughts on “Antananarivo = Tana

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this exciting time. We love you both so much and know it is God’s Work, Your hands. Jerry and Wanda

  2. Edith Propst on said:

    Love seeing your faces and reading about your adventures! Love to both of you!

  3. John Propst (pop!) on said:

    Yeah, Austin & Tanya!!! Creative blog! So interesting! We love you bunches! mom & pop

  4. Ann Friedrichs on said:

    I am enjoying reading about the beginnings of your Big Adventure. When I read that Indonesians are part of the population, I immediately thought of our trip to Holland when our children were in middle school. Fred’s mom was a native of The Netherlands where many Indonesians live. We ate at an Indonesian restaurant in The Hague — Indonesian Rijsttafel (rice table). Sooo good! Fred’s mom was also a good Indonesian cook. If you have not already, be sure to try a rice table. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing time in your lives. (Talk about early church! – now that is early!)

    You and Tanya remain in my prayers.
    Grace and Peace,
    Ann Friedrichs

  5. Go wth the Peace of the Lord. I love following your adventures as you know that I know a little about where you are and what the life is like on Madagascar. Veloma, Pops

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures. We continue to hold you in prayer.

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