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Retreat 2.2

Enjoy a slideshow of our time together on retreat. It was a wonderful time of worship, playing in God’s creation, vocational conversation, and talking fast english!

Biogazy: Turning Poop into Power


Enjoy Michael’s blog as he teaches us about a new way to receive power!

Originally posted on This Journey Called Life:

Alfred, my supervisor at FaFaFi, teaching the students at Amboaloboka about biogazy Alfred, my supervisor at FaFaFi, teaching the students at Amboaloboka about biogazy

During the past 5 months I have been graciously welcomed by both Fanentanana momba ny Fambolena sy Fiompiana (FaFaFi) and Amboaloboka to teach English. Amboaloboka is a school where young women come from all over Madagascar to learn skills and trades that they can then take back and use in their hometowns. FaFaFi’s mission revolves around teaching farmers “to be autonomous, self sufficient, and sustainable in their farming practices.” FaFaFi and Amboaloboka have collaborated in the past to teach the students various farming techniques. They have recently joined forces again, but this time for a slightly different purpose.

In Madagascar a majority of the population uses charcoal or wood burning stoves to cook their food every day. Over hundreds of years tens of thousands of trees have been cut down for the use of this necessity. As you…

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Spring Hope for You Northern Hemisphere Winter People!

We are continuing to enjoy our summer here (but also secretly wishing we could be sledding and build a snow-person with you!).  So here’s a beautiful flower that blooms every couple of weeks, graces us for only a day or so, and dies until another pops open.  Take in its beauty and you, too, can be hopeful flowers will grow in your yard once again!

Now, can you help us identify what it is!?  Reply below if you have a guess!


For the History Folks Out There

We’ve been here in Madagascar for three years this month!  Wow, what a blessing it’s been to serve in such a unique and eclectic place.  It has been a privilege to call Madagascar home for these years, and to be the called Country Coordinators of the YAGM program here.  We give thanks to the Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy for the relationship that continues with the ELCA.  So what have the missionary relationships looked like over the years you ask?  Well, thanks to a good friend, Don, and the Lutheran Forum Magazine, we have a great write up of the History of Mission here.  This is little take on the history we stepped into three ago:

Click Here to View the Article: Madagascar Mission History [LutheranForumMag]

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