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Spring Hope for You Northern Hemisphere Winter People!

We are continuing to enjoy our summer here (but also secretly wishing we could be sledding and build a snow-person with you!).  So here’s a beautiful flower that blooms every couple of weeks, graces us for only a day or so, and dies until another pops open.  Take in its beauty and you, too, can be hopeful flowers will grow in your yard once again!

Now, can you help us identify what it is!?  Reply below if you have a guess!


For the History Folks Out There

We’ve been here in Madagascar for three years this month!  Wow, what a blessing it’s been to serve in such a unique and eclectic place.  It has been a privilege to call Madagascar home for these years, and to be the called Country Coordinators of the YAGM program here.  We give thanks to the Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy for the relationship that continues with the ELCA.  So what have the missionary relationships looked like over the years you ask?  Well, thanks to a good friend, Don, and the Lutheran Forum Magazine, we have a great write up of the History of Mission here.  This is little take on the history we stepped into three ago:

Click Here to View the Article: Madagascar Mission History [LutheranForumMag]

What is American food?


With the Superbowl right around the corner, an American classic “holiday”, maybe you can help JD think of American foods to make here in Madagascar! Enjoy his blog below.

Originally posted on jdanielengelhardt10:

As I mentioned before, one of the things I teach here is a cooking class. It is great fun and I love it but they want to learn how to make American food. So far I have taught tacos, salsa, bread and pizza. But these are not really American foods, just foods we frequently eat in America, so my question is: what is American food? “What do we eat?” is the question they always ask to me. The reason they ask is almost every meal here has rice with it. So there must be American food like rice that we all eat a lot of most of the time. Well, we eat food out of cans and food that is frozen. Is that our rice? If processed food is our “American food” then how can I teach that? It is interesting that going to grocery stores and getting frozen processed food is a privilege here; a sign you have money to…

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So this was funny at our house yesterday.

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