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Our Weekend!

A fun weekend break from Malagasy school was spent at the market, cooking meals, and worshiping together!
Mad_Ates Market

Welcome to Madagascar!

The Ate’s made it to Madagascar on Saturday afternoon, safe and sound. ¬†We will spend 2 weeks in Orientation, in Antsirabe, learning Malagasy language, culture, church history, food, and having some fun!

There Mad YAGM Ate's just after landing in Antananarivo, Madagascar!

The Mad YAGM Ate’s just after landing in Antananarivo, Madagascar!


Travel Update!

The crew is safely staying the night in South Africa, in good laughing spirits. They will get here tomorrow! Peace to their continued journeys. We can’t wait!

Traveling Woes.

Bummer, the YAGM did not make it to Madagascar today. Flight delays have left them in South Africa for the night, but at least they are hanging with YAGM crew there. All is well though, we are hopeful they will get here tomorrow.

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